Yellow Naped Amazon

Nutrition for Your Yellow Naped Amazon



Your yellow naped Amazon, if well cared for, will be a healthy, hearty bird. Although we want to generally duplicate the diet that a yellow nape might have in the wild, we can't do it exactly. Eating an assortment of leaves from plants that we don't have in the United States, as well as  small bugs, fruits and seeds, a yellow naped Amazon thrives in South America.

Even though we can't duplicate the exact diet for our parrots in our home, we can give them an assortment of the right types of foods. The right types being, seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables - primarily. I once read that if a food is good for the parrots human counterpart, it is probably good for the bird. I wouldn't take that to mean that you should give your yellow naped Amazon everything single thing that you eat, but more as a guide to what you should, and shouldn't feed.

I have yet to see a yellow naped Amazon, or any large hook bill for that matter, that didn't like peanuts. Peanuts are, and even good for your very limited amounts. Just as good foods are fine for your bird, anything high is fat, like peanuts, are no good except in moderation. You parrot will probably continue eating peanuts as long as he can get them down and you keep giving them to him.

There are different schools of though on the exact 'correct' diet for a captive yellow naped Amazon parrot. I mentioned on the home page of this site that my bird Pablo is almost 29 years old, and very healthy. I feel like I've earned the right to at least give my opinion on a good diet for a yellow nape.

I didn't come up with some new, specific diet that no one had thought of, but use mostly what I've read in books and gotten from talking to other owners and breeders. I will pass along one specific diet that I got from a book many years ago, and I don't believe that you could ever go wrong following these recommendations. It calls for your bird's diet to be one third seeds and nuts, one third fruits and one third greens. Well, no big mysteries there - not even anything that's hard to find, expensive or unique.

Like I mentioned before, I believe that most of what I eat that's good for me, is probably good for my bird also. I obviously don't give him candy, ice cream, chewing gum or anything that is obviously not something that you would give a bird. However, even if it's something like lean steak, I will occasionally give my yellow naped Amazon small pieces. He loves it, and although it may not be the ideal food to give him daily, as a treat I think it's fine.

All of my birds have absolutely loved hard boiled eggs. I give them to my birds (now bird) while they're still warm and he can't get it in his mouth fast enough. Obviously egg yokes are high in cholesterol, so I don't give them all of the time.

Another school of thought on parrot nutrition is that maybe the pelleted diets, such as the products from Roudybush are the way to go. Tom Roudybush is the namesake of the Roudybush company, which has been making their quality diets for almost as long as I've been a yellow naped Amazon owner. They got started in 1985.

I'm not a vet or scientist, and I honestly didn't know, at least initially, if one of the pelleted type diets was the way to go with my birds. I realized shortly after the Roudybush formulas came on the scene that they were the real deal. They are well balanced and everything that a parrot needs to be healthy. Roudybush is recognized as the product to use. You don't need to, and you shouldn't, give a vitamin/mineral supplement when feeding the excellent Roudybush diets.

Why then, if they are so good, am I not using them ? I got started giving my birds a varied diet, and I just never changed. I honestly wish I had changed way back when. The Roudybush diets are complete, and would be easier and faster to prepare. I would spare no expense to keep my bird(s) healthy, so it wasn't a money thing either. I will start using the Roudybush diet from day 1 for all new birds I get. I plan on getting a new bird, probably a Cockatoo or Macaw in the near future, and he/she will be fed the Roudybush diet. I may also change my yellow naped Amazon's diet when I get my new bird, I'll see when the time comes.

If you do decide to change the diet of a bird to one of the Roudybush products (or another brand), just never, ever totally change your bird's diet and think you can starve him until he eats the new food. They have to be introduced slowly. If you starve your parrot, you could very well end up with a sick or even dead bird!!

Roudybush has several different products, including maintenance. low-fat blends, and products specifically for breeders. There is excellent documentation on their website