Yellow Naped Amazon

A Hand Fed or Domestic Bred Bird



If you've decided that you want to add a yellow naped Amazon parrot to your household, I would advise reading up on them before you buy a bird. The more you know beforehand, the better prepared you will be. With any pet that you love, you will obviously care for to the best of your ability, but a parrot does require excellent care. When properly cared for, they are hearty birds that can live a very long time, but if they do get sick, they are good at hiding many symptoms initially. Often times by the time that you realize that they are sick, they may be very sick.

Most veterinarians are usually fairly well acquainted with dogs and cats, and probably see them daily in their practice. Some vets may have more of a speciality in horses or cattle, but in many locations though, it may be harder to find an avian vet.

Yellow naped amazons parrots require care and feeding similar to most other large hook bills. Although they are tropical birds they are relatively easy to care for. Common sense and attention is all that is needed to ensure that you pet stays happy and healthy. As with most pets they require proper nutrition, a clean suitable living environment, exercise and love. They are amazingly intelligent, have a great sense of humor and are able to be easily trained. The tricks that they can be taught are nearly endless.

They are very good mimics and often have unbelievable singing voices, as well as usually being able to retain a large vocabulary. As probably most people understand, they aren't able to actually carry on a conversation, but I can personally testify that many times they relate words and phrases to relative situations, people or conversations that may be going on around them.

As mentioned on the home page of this site, I would highly recommend that you purchase a domestic bred bird. They are more expensive, as you might guess, but the money will be well spent. A wild-caught, adult bird, although you may be able to tame to some degree, will never be nearly as good a pet as a domestic bred parrot. A bird bought from a breeder could be as much as twice the price of a wild caught yellow naped Amazon, but you will have a fantastic pet for the next several decades, if well cared for.

A domestic yellow naped Amazon, bred and hand fed by an experienced, caring breeder, will be an amazing pet, imprinted on humans from birth, and a loyal, loving pet for a lifetime. Even a young bird that was born in the wild, but then had reared, will never be the same pet that a domestic bred bird is.